Visit in Tehran

In front of the dojo.
On holidays in Tehran for the Iranian New Year, I have been very well received for an Aikido training by Behrouz, the head instructor of Tehran-Behvarz Aikido  dojo. As we in BSI Aikido, Behrouz follows also the teaching of Chiba Sensei, through his teacher, Tony Cassel Shihan, from Ei Oh Kan dojo in Birmingham, whom I had the pleasure to practice with.

For my visit, Behrouz had organized an extra training on Friday morning (remember that Friday is the free day of the week in Iran), and I had a great pleasure to practice there with engaged and dynamic people.

I have been deeply impressed by the commitment of Behrouz. Keeping the contact with his aikido references and with his instructor have not been easy for him. Yet he follows what he believes in.

I hope this is only the start of a long tradition, and I’m looking forward meeting Behrouz and his students at a next trip there!