To join BSI Aikido, you need to:

  • Fill the online NIF form:
    • Yes, we are members of the Norwegian Martial Art Federation through Stavanger JuShinkan Stavanger Aikido. This means all members of BSI aikido are actually members of Stavanger JuShinkan Aikido.
    • Either log in using your existing account or create one if you are a new member of NIF
    • If any, use your “fødselnummer” or “D-number”. If not, you should click on “jeg har ikke personnummer eller d-nummer”
    • You should choose “No membership” (this means the invoice will be sent to BSI Aikido and not to you)
  • Fill the registration form : Registreringsskjema (This is for both, reporting to BSI and to the Norwegian Aikido Federation)
  • Return it to the board of BSI Aikido
  • Payment in due term
  • Send us an email when all done. We will activiate your membership and thus your insurance.

In case of difficulty, please take contact with us!

Fees for 2022/2023 have been fixed to

1 semester 1 år (first time) 1 år (second and later years)
Students NOK 450,- NOK 800,- NOK 700,-
Non-students NOK 800,- NOK 1400,- NOK 1200,-

The prices include:

  • Insurance through Norges Kampsport Forbundet
  • Membership to the Norwegian Aikido Federation
  • Membership to BSI Aikido

Fees should be paid on BSI Aikido bank account : 3633 35 91523

When paying, write somthing like “John Doe, membership fees, 2010”.

  Warning:  We practice at Trene Sammen City and membership to the sport center needs to be paid separetely