New dojo!

After nearly 10 years in the basement of the Social Sciences building, we are moving to a new dojo! We will now practice at the same location as the judo and karate groups, right by the main bus station, at:

Trene Sammen City

Vestre Strømkaien 7, 5008 Bergen

The dojo is more than 100m2 and we should get more visibility! Let’s aim for the best!





Aikido start

Aikido new beginners classes will start from Monday the 20th of August, at 19.00. Training takes place at the social sciences building (Fosswinckelsgata 6). Remember also that, as the building is locked in the evening we shoudl all meet latest 15 minutes before (18.45).Trial practice is for free.

Remember that on Saturday the 25th, there will be the Martial Art Day at the Student center, with the aikido trening from 11.00 to 12.30 (Rooms 3 and 4). This is a free practice too.

Come with usual sport clothes (rather long trousers), short nails and no jewlery. We practice bare feet and feet hygiene is thus important.

Normal practices are

Monday: 19.00-21.00
Wednesday: 19.00-21.00
Friday: 18.00-20.00 (Free training)


Feel free to join with friends!

Visit in Tehran

In front of the dojo.
On holidays in Tehran for the Iranian New Year, I have been very well received for an Aikido training by Behrouz, the head instructor of Tehran-Behvarz Aikido  dojo. As we in BSI Aikido, Behrouz follows also the teaching of Chiba Sensei, through his teacher, Tony Cassel Shihan, from Ei Oh Kan dojo in Birmingham, whom I had the pleasure to practice with.

For my visit, Behrouz had organized an extra training on Friday morning (remember that Friday is the free day of the week in Iran), and I had a great pleasure to practice there with engaged and dynamic people.

I have been deeply impressed by the commitment of Behrouz. Keeping the contact with his aikido references and with his instructor have not been easy for him. Yet he follows what he believes in.

I hope this is only the start of a long tradition, and I’m looking forward meeting Behrouz and his students at a next trip there!

Aikido in autumn 2016!

Ueshiba_Morihei_(1938)It is time now to start a new semester! A lot is planed for this autumn! Meet us at “studenttorg” on Tuesday the 16th of August, and at “BSI Dag” on Tuesday the 23rd of August.

New beginners class will start on Monday the 22nd of August. We will keep welcoming new beginners all the year long though.

High point of the semester: Anne Ducouret, 5th Dan, Shidoin, will come to visit us from Paris 28th to 30th of October. Be prepared for an intensive seminar!





(O’Sensei in 1938. Photo from Wikimedia commons)

30+10 Jubileum

Last week end was the 30 years anniversary for NTNUi Tekisuikan Aikido and the 10 years anniversary of Trondheim Aikidoklubb. To mark the event, a seminar was organized, with Mouliko Halen 7th dan, Bjørn Eirik Olsen Shihan 6th dan, og Jorma Lyly 6th dan.

This is a nice achievment for both clubs and both of them have put a lot of efforts in the development of Aikido in both Trondheim and Norway.

In addition to good practice, it was a nice opportunity to meet old friends and former students there. Now, am looking forward to the 40 years jubileum of the Norwegian Aikido Federation, in 2 years! Another great gathering!